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...coming soon: sock puppet theatre!


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"what if?", activism, aldous huxley, arguing, art, avoiding new jersey, bananas, benedict spinoza, big things, bjork, blues, books about human tragedy, breaking the rules, brushing my teeth, bunny day, chess, chocolate, chuang-tze, colors, costuming, cracking joints, cuddles, dancing in the rain, dendrophilia, doing dishes efficiently, domestic politics, eating slowly, etymology, experimental cooking, ferrets, finger paint, folk music, food, fyodor dostoyevski, good comics, hairy toes, harry potter, having my head scratched, historic recreation, historical accuracy, history, holding up my arms, horror movies, hugs, hyperpretension, ice cream, ignoring live performances, ignoring obnoxious people, interactions with light, international politics, jazz, jewish irony, kahlil gibran, kazoos, keeping my eyes closed, keeping my eyes open, kissing without sex, laughing at myself, laying on the floor, learning, leaving things unfinished, lewis carroll, literature, lucien freud, making inappropriate jokes, making messes, memory, midget porn, mocking barking dogs, mozart, mushrooms, music, muted palettes, natural catastrophe, noe venable, non-profit work, noses, nutella, obscurity, oed, opera, organic produce, overdoing it, overdue library books, ovolactovegetarianism, painting, paula rego, philosophy, piano, pink floyd, playdough, playing in the rain, poetry, porcupine tree, potatoes, radiohead, randomness, reading the dictionary, really bad porn, religion, responsible anarchy, richard bruatigan, rocky horror picture show, rolling down hills, rwandan genocide, scrabble, sculpture, sergei rachmaninoff, sewing, sex, sexual bibliophilia, shel silverstein, shocking statistics, sifl and olly, singing in the rain, singing in the shower, singing on train platforms, small things, smelling people, smells, snuggling, sock puppets, soren kierkegard, spaces between things, spinning in circles, spring peepers, sunrises, sunsets, tao of physics, tao of pooh, the beatles, theatre, time, toes, tori amos, trashing the president, trivia, unexplainable phenomena, unintentional puns, unusual obsessions, vocal music, wabi, wackiness, watching people, watching things burn, waving at strangers, words, working philosophers, writing